AKU Society

The AKU Society of North America is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the quality of life of AKU patients and their families by providing education, resources, and opportunities for interaction for patients, families, and physicians associated with alkaptonuria (AKU). The Society will raise funds for support of research, education, and meetings to advance knowledge of the disease and possibilities for treatment of AKU. Funds will be raised through solicitation of donations and application for grants.

SONIA 1 Published Results: The main scientific paper from the first study (SONIA 1) was published last week in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases. This study was the first part of the ongoing clinical trial, to find out what dose of nitisinone is best for patients. In today's DevelopAKUre blog Oliver tells us about the results presented in the paper, and explains why they are important: http://www.developakure.eu/publication-of-sonia-1-results-paper/

The SONIA 2 clinical trials will take place in three test centres across Europe. The first patients will begin on April 7th in Piestany, Slovakia. Our Liverpool centre will be the next to start on April 14th. The final location to start will be the Paris centre in France, which is scheduled to begin on May 12th. Dates may change so keep your eye out for updates. For more information check out this great visual blogpost. For more information visit: akusociety.org



The AKU Society of North America • 10451 Roselle Street #300 • San Diego, CA 92121 • (800) 549-8110

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